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Order the CONDOR® "S" Ball now and we will DOUBLE YOUR ORDER FREE!

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  • Pay for two dozen Condor balls and we'll send you FOUR.
  • Pay for three dozen and we'll send you SIX.
  • Pay for four dozen and we'll send you EIGHT!
And so on. Whatever you order. We'll double it - FREE!

   Cut strokes the easiest way in golfdom...with shots that go up to 22 yeards farther!
   Right now there is no limit to how many dozens you can buy under this customer-only offer, so if you want to add a few dozen to your stock as well as gift shop, now is the time to do it. The offer is good until our supply runs out.
   But do it now, the CONDORS we have set aside for this promotion can sell out. In the past, some early buyers have ordered 100 dozen, 200 dozen to get 100 or 200 dozens more free. (If they are selling them to stores they're making money. Their price is below wholesale.)
Offer expires midnight, Oct 12, 2012 or until supplies run out..

Cut strokes !

Order Receive Price
2 dozen (minimum) 4 dozen $49.90
3 dozen 6 dozen $74.85
4 dozen 8 dozen $99.80
Whatever you order we will double it - FREE! All sales final. White only

Want To Shoot An Eagle Or Two?

   The CONDOR flies like a U-2, putts with the steady roll of a cue ball and bites the green on approach shots like a dropped cat. But don't look for it on weekend TV. Long-hitting pros could make a joke out of some of golf's finest courses with it. One pro who tested the ball drove it 400 yards, reaching the green on all but the longest par-fours. Scientific tests by an independent lab using a hitting machine prove the ball out-distances 15 major brands by up to 22 yards.

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