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Unique swirl design
helps overcome push,
pull, chop and scoop

Rifle-like sighting device
helps keep putter
parallel to the ground


Look carefully at the “whirl” design on the face. A lot of time was spent carefully constructing and testing various whirls before reaching this unique arrangement.

The design consists of tiny grooves (you can feel them with your fingertip) that help overcome a push, pull, scoop and chop, errors that cause even the best putters on the Tour to blow an easy putt.

The design is etched into a special material that softens each putt at impact to give you more feel, confidence and control.
The Red/Hot™ also has an ingenious sighting device that insures you line up every putt correctly, and keep the sole of the putter level to the ground at impact. (The white line will appear out of sync with the three white dots, if the clubhead is not level.)

Red hot on the green; cool and handsome in your bag. It’s a rare combination of good looks and getting the job done.

30-Day Guarantee Money back if the Red/HotTM doesn't cut strokes!

Protect yourself from pushes, pulls,
scoops and chops. (Item # vlrp)
One Red/HotTM................................ only $69.00
Two or more.................................... $60.00 each
Available in right-handed only, steel shaft, standard length (35")









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