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Our new scientifically designed 2008
hybrids are here now!
A hybrid can out-hit a 3-iron by 10 yards
and give shots a higher loft and firmer bite.

The Controller® Elites do all that and more. They beat other hybrids three ways!
• More distance! They are made of Super Tensile Steel - a metal dramatically harder than stainless steel.
• Greater accuracy! They have a roll and bulge face to reduce hooks and slices. No other hybrid has this!
• Significant savings! They are fairly priced.

lie spins caused by off-center shots. No other hybrid can do this!
And their scien-tifically cambered sole and back-weighted center of gravity (check the picture of the sole plate) scoop the ball out of a tight or buried whistle clean. Contact is solid.
Hybrids win tournaments!
Hybrids are on the PGA Tour big time. Retief Goosen won two U. S. Opens with a hybrid.
Todd Hamilton used a hybrid to win the British Open in 2004. K. J. Choi won the 2006 Chrysler Championship with Nike's hybrid, and so on. Hybrid sales grew from 140,000 in 2003 to over 1,500,000 in 2006.
Even The New York Times Sports Section praises them.
“A hybrid club is more forgiving than a long iron. It allows a golfer to hit a shot that goes higher, drops softly and holds the green better.
Play the best!
Now, you can play the most advanced set of hybrids on the market, at a fraction of what others cost.
The new Controller® Elites not only hit harder than the others, but also their roll and bulge face corrects hooks and slices by reducing abnormal
The same applies to rough that would probably take a penalty stroke to get out of. The new Controller® Elite heads whish through high grass like a scythe, lifting your shot high into the air and dead to the pin.
Work great as chippers
These new clubs are so versatile you can use them as chippers. You have five lofts to choose from, 16 degrees to 29 degrees. Choose the one best for your lie, choke up on the club and roll the ball to the cup.
The new Controller® Elites also lift the ball out of fairway bunkers with an ease that's impossible with an iron. The heads' cambered soles and low center of gravity make the Elites ideal for these shots.
Join the pros. Play with the most advanced set of hybrids in golf. Order
The Controller Elites are the only hybrids with a roll and bulge face to tame hooks and slices!
one or more of the new Controller® Elites and play them for 30 days. If you aren’t playing a better game by the third hole, return your order for a prompt refund of its price.
Order now!
Play your best with the best – the Controller® Elite Hybrids!

Lofts– 16°, 19°, 22°, 25°, 29° (Item # cel)

Graphite shaft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89.00 ea.
Buy all Five. Save $96.00 . . .. . . . .only $349.00
TurboTip Graphite shaft . . . .. . . . . . $99.00 ea.
Buy all five. Save $96.00 . . . . only $399.00

(TurboTip has extra weight in tip for up to 10% more club head speed, and a big-butt grip for better club control.)
Specify lofts, regular or stiff flex, men’s or ladies’. Right-hand only. TurboTip NA in ladies’.


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