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Cut strokes with golf’s first set of
weighted driving irons.
Customize these two clubs to your swing and you may
never play with a wood again.

aThat guarantee is based on raving comments from a test group of golfers with handicaps that ranged from eight to 25. One of them was so impressed he wanted three sets immediately to use as prizes at his company’s annual tournament. (Unfortunately, at that time we only had enough sets for the test.)

aBoth the Condor® Tee Shot (12.5°) and the Condor® Fairway (17°) are scientifically weighted by our designers to maximize the power and accuracy of an individual’s swing. Each club contains two

four-gram, tungsten weights. (Tungsten packs a lot of weight in a small space.) The extra eight grams increase hitting power and when the two weights are properly customized to your swing, reduce hooks and slices.
It’s this simple.

aINCREASE POWER – leave both weights in. They add a huge punch.
aREDUCE HOOKS – take out the heel weight. This also helps you draw shots.
aREDUCE SLICES – take out the toe weight.
aCustomizing your clubs to your swing is a proven way to improve accuracy and distance. Golfers who have tested the Condor® SC’s for us were blown away with the dramatic improvements they made over their own clubs.
aWe aren’t the only ones who believe in weighting. Phil Michelson won the 2006 Masters using two differently weighted drivers to get greater accuracy.
Better than woods
aThese new driving irons will give you as much or more distance than a driver and 3-wood… PLUS the easier swing control of playing an iron and with their scientific weighting, the near elimination of hooking and slicing.
aNGC urges you to replace your driver and 3-wood with these magnificent driving irons for 30 days. If your score doesn’t drop dramatically, you may return one or both for a refund.
aFull set set (3-9, PW) of the Condor® SC Weighted irons also available.

New CONDOR® SC Weighted Driving Irons
  Steel Graphite TurboTip® Graphite
Tee Shot 12.5° $89.00 $109.00 $129.00
Fairway 17° $89.00 $109.00 $129.00
SAVE $30.00
Both clubs $148.00 $188.00 $228.00
Choose right, left, regular or stiff flex. 30-Day Guarantee.

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