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New! Guaranteed!

Six shots with this new training driver can add six
yards to your tee shots

Introducing a powerful new stroke-cutter -
the CONDOR® SC Training Driver.


Condor SC Training Driver

Our designers have pumped enough extra weight into this new, hittable training driver to give you the kind of tee shots dreams are made of. It loosens up the muscles in your arms and legs to give you a faster, more powerful swing. Your club head swing can increase five to ten mph!

Our testing shows that the Condor ® SC Training Driver works so well that about six warm-up swings into it -- hitting a real ball-- should add about six more yards to your regular tee shots. And it could be more!

"I hit 20 shots with the (Condor SC) trainer before I tried my own driver, a Taylor Made I paid a fortune for. The ball flew past the 250 mark. That’s new territory for me."

-M.S., St. Louis

Unconditional Guarantee!

Hit at least six shots with the Condor® SC Training driver before you tee off. If you do not get at least six more yards with your regular driver, return the Trainer and we'll refund its price promptly.

Condor SC Training Driver

But don't stop with six practice shots. Do what the golfer in St. Louis did, and what golfers in California, Connecticut, Texas, and elsewhere are doing. Hit 10, 15, 20 practice shots. Then watch your regular driver send tee shots soaring. You'll be hitting over as you used to lay up to.

Improves your entire game

Your fairway woods and iron shots will also improve. Remember, the Condor® SC Training driver strengthens the specific muscles your swing relies on. That means you hit with more power from driver to 9-iron. Your accuracy will also improve, by letting you club down without giving up yardage. Money back, if your score doesn’t drop.

Cut strokes - save money! There are man swing trainers, but we know of only one other hittable training driver. There's nothing special about it, except it costs $160.00, $60.00 more than the Condor® SC Training Driver.



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Condor®  SC Training Driver.........................only $99.00

Save and additional $20.00!

Second Trainer................................................. only $79.99

Choose right or left-handed. Specifications: 45" Tru-Temper stainless steel, 20 gram shaft (about three times the normal weight), 275 gram head, Tri-Matrix metal, 10.5 loft)

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