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Small golf company’s new driver straightens
out shots, adds distance, wins contest.

Built-in shot-control system
doubles accuracy, adds ten yards.
Moveable weights could be problem in U. S.

Golfers often change shafts and grips to better match a club to their swing, but they have never been able to vary the clubhead. That’s too bad, because their shots would improve immensely, if they could.

The evidence comes from a test done by an independent firm on a driver developed by a small golf company in Connecticut. The new driver has moveable weights in its soleplate. Sixteen golfers of various handicaps were asked to position the weights in a way that would offset their biggest problem, and compare their shots with their own driver’s.

Twice as accurate
On average, the new driver kept their tee shots twice as close to a centerline, and went ten yards farther than tee shots with their own drivers. Their own drivers included ten of the best in golf.

U. S. contest shows driver hits farther and
straighter than ten of the best in golf.

“We have exclusive use of a coating used in the aerospace industry that is twice as hard as steel and 70% harder than titanium. We fused it on the driver’s hitting surface. No other club
Some of the results were dramatic. One golfer, an older man, straightened out his slice and went from 130-yard drives to 185-yard drives.

Another arranged the weights to compensate for his inside/out swing and went from 40 yards off the centerline with his regular club to 10 yards off with the new one. His regular club is a $500.00 titanium driver.

A 3-handicapper hit drives that were so long and straight he stared at the club as if it were an alien
wallops a ball harder than this one. On average, it’s giving these guys ten more yards, but it’s helping some get 20% to 30% more.

“It’s a double whammy. The weights make the club twice as accurate as ten of the best drivers in the game, and the aerospace coating makes it hit ten or more yards farther. We are so confident in the club’s ability we guarantee an average golfer will cut at least five stokes, or he may return it for a prompt refund.

being. He finally asked the test supervisor “Is this thing for real?”

The Director of Research for the company that developed the club explained the results to me this way.

“The magic behind the driver’s accuracy comes from controlling its Moment of Inertia, the force that rotates the clubhead in the downswing. To do that, we put three small weights in the club’s soleplate. If you tend to slice, you arrange them one way; if you tend to hook, you arrange them another way; if you tend to top the ball, you arrange them another way. You can even make the club fade or draw shots.

“It’s the ultimate customization and it’s beautiful to watch it work. Look at the faces on these guys. They can’t believe it! One guy wanted to buy two of the clubs ‘right here and now,’ one for himself and one for his business partner.”

I asked about distance.
“Hitting a shot straighter automatically gives a golfer more distance, but there’s another reason this one hits longer.

“The weights are quick to adjust and the instructions for maneuvering them are so simple they fit on the shaft.”
Ten more yards
There’s a triple whammy here. Most oversize drivers like this one (it’s 410 cc’s) start at $300.00 and run to $500.00 or more. This one’s price is far more reasonable.
Comes with free head cover

Condor® SC Driver graphite shaft . . . . . . . . . . . $129.00
Condor® SC TurboTip graphite shaft . . . . . . . . $149.00
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Condor® SC 3-Wood TurboTip graphite shaft . $129.00

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TurboTip has a big-butt grip for better control and extra weight in the
tip for faster clubhead speed. Right or left-handed, regular or stiff flex,
men’s or women’s. TurboTip N. A. in women’s.


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