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"New CONDOR® P-4 automatically corrects a
bad putt; drops average score by four."

Protects you against a push,
pull, scoop and chop

Senior pro’s secret weapon

There’s an old saying that says "we drive for show and putt for dough". That last part explains why a Senior Pro we know bought a new putter literally off the table while touring a golf-club factory in China. He putted only 19 times his first round with it. Through a special arrangement, NGC now brings his secret weapon to you.

Corrects push, pull, chop
and scoop

Condor P4 Putter

The windfall he spied on the R&D table was a putter that can correct putting's four most common errors-- automatically. Its face is rounded vertically to correct scoops and chops, and horizontally to correct pushes and pulls. No matter which of these errors

Condor P4 Putter

Condor P4 Putter


A test among 16 golfers showed the Condor(r) P-4 boosted their sink and gimme rate by a third compared to their own putters. Over 800 putts were taken.

Condor P4 Putter

you commit, within limits, you are protected,. The horizontal curve keeps your putt dead to the pin; the vertical curve keeps it rolling smoothly. If you make perfect contact, there’s no need for a correction, so there is none. The P-4 is the only putter that can do this, and our friend bought the prototype on the spot.

Sights like a rifle

The long target line across the top of the putter let’s you sight it like a rifle. The white lines in front and back of the main target line make sure you keep the clubhead flat to the green. This is critical, especially on slopes. Tests among golfers who played a round with their own putters versus the P-4 showed the P-4 could out-putt their own putters by an average of four strokes. Among higher handicaps, it worked even better. Even the best professionals on the Tour often turn their putter slightly at contact, or chop or scoop the ball off course. It doesn’t take much of an error to miss a four-inch-wide hole. Our Senior Pro friend thinks the P-4 is absolute genius. Be one of the first to win with his secret weapon. Go for the dough. Cut four or more putts automatically.

One Condor® P-4.............................$89.00
Buy a 2nd at the wholesale price... $69.00

Stainless steel, double-bend shaft for greater line-up visability. Club is face-balanced. Right or left-handed. Comes with handsome head cover.

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