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New! Cut the easiest 6 or 7 strokes in golf—guaranteed.

Run your finger over the baby-soft face of this new club and you’ll know how easy it is.

When you need control, you need Balata.
That’s why professionals use Balata balls. The extra fraction of a second a Balata ball stays on the club-face lets them draw and fade shots more accurately. Softness increases ball control so well the Rules of Golf prohibit too much of it.

We took the soft feel of Balata and put it where it can really cut strokes: …on a chipper. Ask a pro. An improved chipping game is the easiest way in golf to cut 6 or 7 strokes off your score. It lets you get down in two from off the green. The extraordinary control of this new Balata chipper virtually guarantees you will get down in two from as far away as 20 yards off the green. Here’s why.

CONDOR Marksman Balata Chipper

How often have you bunny-hopped a chip shot with a 9-iron, or rolled the ball off the other side of the green with a 5-iron? You won’t anymore.

With the new Condor Balata chipper you "putt" your approach shots to the pin from as far away as 20 yards off the green! Same stroke--same stance as on the green. Other chippers are useless from this far away, and your 5- and 9-iron were never designed for this kind of shot. You’re missing a scoring opportunity when you use them. Zero to 20 yards from the green is the most fertile real estate in golf for improving your score; and the new Condor Marksman Balata chipper guarantees you will improve it by 6 or 7 strokes.

The Condor chipper with its 35° loft and putter-like feel effectively enlarges every green by 20 yards. Get your second shot within this huge area and birdies and par’s await. The Condor chipper lets you chip over grass knolls and deep bunkers with the ease of a putt. Every shot rolls smoothly toward the pin.

You might two-putt this enlarged green, but I guarantee you won’t three-putt it.

-- Art Kirby, Director

CONDOR Marksman Balata Chipper

CONDOR Marksman
Balata chipper

Steel shaft.....................$69.00
Graphite shaft ...............$89.00

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