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The Controller®
Atomic Iron!
material is
four times
the atomic
weight of
    We guarantee
these two clubs
will cut 4 to 6
strokes off your



12.5 Tee Shot

Tee Shot Atomic Iron out-hit a $500.00 titanium driver by seven yards (independent test).

Patented roll and bulge face automatically corrects hooks and slices.

Want something that lets you murder the ball without losing it, something that gives you confidence from the tee, something that doesn’t cost a fortune?
  The Controller® Tee Shot Atomic Iron contains an insert whose material is so hard it’s used on the tips of rockets. It’s nearly four times the atomic weight of titanium, and has a 15% weight advantage over steel and titanium woods, even though their club heads are much larger.
  Such a dense concentration of weight directly behind the ball gives the Atomic Iron the punch of a fist clutching a roll of quarters. A strong hitter can blast 350-yard drives with the 17° Atomic Iron.
  An independent lab tested the Fairway Atomic Iron on a hitting machine against several oversize and expensive steel and titanium drivers. The Atomic Iron beat the best and most expensive of the lot by seven yards.

More accurate than an iron

 The Atomic Iron take accuracy and control to a new level. It has a roll and bulge face that tames the gear effect that causes hooks and slices. Hit an off-center shot with the Atomic Iron and this patented design will draw your shot back on the fairway, automatically! Only the Controller® line of Irons have this feature.
 You get solid contact, too. The shafts on today’s drivers push you so far away from the ball it’s very difficult to hit the sweet spot. Even the top ten money-winners on the tour miss the fairway about 25% of the time with these long-handled clubs. That’s why they use a long iron from the tee on narrow fairways.

The Atomic Iron is about five inches shorter than the 45 and 46-inch drivers. You make better contact because you’re closer to the ball.

Seven more yards -
at 25% of the price

 Here's an interesting way to analyze your long game. The distance the $500.00 titanium driver delivered off the independent lab's hitting machine cost $2.30 a yard. The 17°Atomic Iron cost only 58 cents a yard, including the extra seven yards it hit. More distance at 25% of the price!

Order now!
Cut 4 to 6 strokes -
or money back!

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Shaft Tee Shot
Both Clubs
Steel $89.00 $89.00 $158.00
Graphite $109.00 $109.00 $198.00


$125.00 $125.00 $219.00
TurboTip® graphite shaft has a big-butt grip and eight extra grams in its tip for more club head speed. Choose right or left, regular or stiff flex, men’s or ladies’. 30-day guarantee.


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