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Marksmen™ Wedge Set!
A three-wedge set patterned in the design and style of the leading wedges on the Tour, at a weekend golfer’s price.
Not $400.00 or $300.00…
only $99.00!
About 75% of all golf shots are played from 120 yards out. That’s why pros carry more than one wedge. They need precise ranging from a variety of lies.
Here are three wedges with the lofts and bounce angles pro-proven to give

you smooth play off sand and turf, pinpoint range and the braking backspin you need to one or two-putt every green. The Pitching wedge is 52 degrees in loft for a range of 90 to 120 yards; the Sand wedge is 56 degrees for a range of 80 to 90; the Lob wedge is 60 degrees for a range of 65 to 80. The Lob wedge can also be used hitting off hard sand.
Play those last critical 120 yards as carefully as the pros play them, at a price that leaves some money in your wallet for the rest of the weekend.
The NGC® Marksman wedges give you all the benefits of a comparable set of wedges sold by a big-name company, for less than half the price.
Superior performance at less than half the price
Comparable Tour set $300.00 – $400.00

Steel shafts. One set of three . . . . . . . . . $99.00
Graphite shafts. One set of three . . . . . $129.00
Right-hand only, men’s or ladies’. Regular flex.
Available only in sets of three.


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