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New golf club’s secret metal may hit too
  far on some par-4’s.

Coating on surface derived
from armor-piercing
metal used by military.
Largest head size allowed.


by Charlie Allen
company in Connecticut has taken the largest head allowed under the Rules of Golf, and souped it up with a coating derived from a once-secret metal
new club 40 yards farther.
He said, “I’m not doing anything. It seems to swing itself.”
Another golfer who had just bought a 460 cc driver (they can cost $400.00 to $500.00) wanted to get his money back. A husky golfer who swings at about 120 MPH

Coating on face of new golf club is 70% harder than titanium. Could provoke new distance rule.

developed by the Department of Defense to pierce enemy armor. The coating hits with a force twice as hard as steel, 70% harder than titanium.
With that much punch a good golfer could turn some par-4’s into par-3’s.
That’s not what officials had in mind when they set a 460 cc size limit on clubs. Golf officials were trying to restrict distance, and they still are. There is talk of new rules requiring manufacturers to tone down their balls.
Good luck. Manufacturers will always push the envelope, and the maker of this club is no exception. Look what it’s done. First, it chooses a club head that goes right to size limit, then it slips in under the radar with a coating that comes from the tips of torpedoes and armor-piercing shells. Nothing wrong here, unless the club provokes a new rule. And it might. Here’s how it performed when a pro and other golfers tested it.
20-40 yards farther
One golfer hit seven out of eight shots 20 yards farther with the new club. “I wish I hadn’t just spent $400.00 on mine,” he said.
A ten-handicapper, who also plays a $400.00 driver, hit the
actually cracked a ball with it. Another golfer hit five of his seven drives from even to ten yards past shots he hit with his own driver, a $449.00 club.

Too powerful forsome par-4’s

A former PGA pro who played it in California said he had to club-down to a 3-wood on several par-4’s. A 21-time Connecticut long-ball champ said of the 500 drivers he’s used used over twenty years, this one hit farther with less effort than any of them. One golfer begged the company to let him take it with him for a week in Palm Springs. A low-handicapper curved several shots around imaginary dog legs 220 yards out. The club’s huge sweet spot gave him more room to work the ball from toe to heel.

70% harder than titanium

I asked a Director of the company that developed the club, called the Controller® 460, for comments. He lit up.
“This is the driver of all time! Tell me how anything can beat this: A driver with a maxed out head and sweet spot, a coating derived from a metal used by the
military to pierce enemy armor -- steel and titanium are too weak to do that -- a clubface twice as hard as steel, 70% harder than titanium, a 45 1/2 inch, 69-gram high-fiber, graphite shaft that cracks through the air like a bull whip. What’s left! Look at those shots! That guy over there will shoot scratch golf.
“We’re giving golfers 30 days to play it. If their scores don’t drop big time, they can send it back and we’ll refund its price promptly.”
Big drivers hit big shots. That’s why there’s a 460 cc limit. A 460 cc driver with a 70% kicker hits really big shots.
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