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Killer Deals
Burning strokes on the fairway? Carry this fireman.
SAVE $60.00!
· Comes with free head cover.
 · Super low center of gravity
gets buried lies more easily than
an iron.
· Cuts through high grass. Picks ball
off of club head under the ball in tight and
· Hits cleanly from fairway bunkers, lifts ball high in
· Light graphite shaft increases club head speed.
· Easier to hit than an iron. 21 degree loft.
ONLY $39.00 FOR 30 DAYS


Are you a gambler?  
  • For as little as $29.00 you could receive a putter, wedge, driver, fairway wood, driving iron, worth from $69.00 to $199.00.
  • Want to double down?
  • Order two Mystery Clubs for only $26.00 each and receive two brand new clubs worth up to $298.00!
  • All Mystery clubs are brand new. All sales are final.
  • Choose left or right-handed.
Mystery Club


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  • Limited Offer! Act Now! Lower your score not your savings.
  • Pros carry sets of wedges. 75% of game played within 120 yards of cup.
  • Scientific head design works from tall grass, buried lies, soft sand, hard sand, hardscrabble.
  • Matches design of pro-line sets selling for $300 to $400 dollars.
  • Consists of 52, 56 and 60 degree lofts.
  • Killer Deal Price! Only $79.00 for steel-shaft set, $99.00 for graphite-shaft set.
Marksmen Wedge Set


ONLY $79.00 FOR SET!



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Killer Deals
KILLER DEALS from NGC Golf:  These are unbeatable prices on golf clubs and balls.  We must move excess inventory, so you win when you purchase any KILLER DEAL!  Often prices are at or below production cost!
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