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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

Our TaylorMade putter review starts with "one of the more interesting putters in terms of shape or design," according to one golfer - the Monza Spider putter. The TaylorMade putter review reports this putter is spherical shaped with large holes in the chassis that show the grass shining through, which is "a bit noisy in the visuals department," according to another golfer.

....But the TaylorMade putter review points out that the Spider's radical design offset its true purpose, which is to be a more forgiving putter with a steel wire-frame head construction that increases weight at the perimeter, which adds stability to mishits. And a light aluminum core allows more weight to be positioned on perimeter, increasing the moment of inertia, which is a key to steadier putting. Another putter featured in the TaylorMade putter review is the TaylorMade Corzina that features high moment of inertia and 14 grooves inserted in the club face to promote a more efficient forward spin for a smoother roll.


The TaylorMade putter review starts with "one of the more interesting putters for shape or design,"
- the Monza Spider putter

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standup putter

The Condor Stand-Up Putter is the deadliest targeting system in golf

The TaylorMade putter review also reports that the TaylorMade Monte Carlo putter is made from 1018 carbon steel, with the grooved clubface that promotes a smooth roll with limited spin that adds forgiveness. The Monte Carlo is "so slick, you just feel the urge to grab it and hit it," one golfer said.

The TaylorMade putter review wants you to know that TaylorMade putters are being used on the PGA, LPGA and Champions tours, with J.B. Holmes using the Spider to beat Phil Mickelson at the FBR Open.

Another interesting putter in terms of design is the Condor Stand-Up putter from www.scientificgolfclubs.com. This is the putter that is scientifically weighted to stand on its own as you step back to line up your putt. Your playing partners will be flabbergasted when they see your putter standing on its own before you hit your putt. And they'll be even more flabbergasted when you sink long putts that you've expertly lined up with the Condor Stand-Up putter. It has a milled face that hits straight putts and a white line across the top that becomes part of the site line that extends from your eye to the target. It's the deadliest targeting system in golf.

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