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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

TaylorMade golf drivers have been favorites for years, but this year the company is offering a new adjustable driver, the TaylorMade R9. After the USGA implemented a new rule last year that permits the use of adjustable clubs, TaylorMade responded with the R9 with an adjustable head and shaft system that can lock the club head into eight different settings. The R9 TaylorMade golf driver features three movable weights that can be repositioned around the club head to alter ball flight left to right by as much as 35 yards.

The TaylorMade golf driver's shaft fits into an aluminum sleeve at a 1 degree angle, which allows you to tweak the face angle, lie angle or loft. The R9 TaylorMade golf driver utilizes flight control technology to provide "directional flight variance," which is a fancy way of saying it's good for hookers or slicers who can use the club to accommodate their handicaps.

Taylormade golf drivers are proven
to hit more accurate, longer drives

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SC weighted driver

The Condor SC Weighted Driver has moveable weights that can be
positioned to alter the flight of the ball

Professional golfers frequently use TaylorMade golf drivers and Pat Perez was one of the first to use the R9 in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Perez said, "It's the best driver I've ever hit, and I've tried a lot. I nailed every single fairway during my practice round and didn't even think twice about putting it in the bag. The R9 TaylorMade golf driver is unbelievable."

Another adjustable driver that's making headlines is the Condor SC Weighted Driver from The company renowned for its scientifically designed clubs developed one with moveable weights in the soleplate that can be positioned to eliminate hooks or slices or create fades or draws.

The Condor SC Weighted Driver improves distance by allowing golfers to hit straighter shots. But distance is also improved by the M-70 armor-piercing coating that was once used on military missiles. It's twice as hard as steel and 70 percent harder than titanium to increase distance by up to 30 percent for some golfers.

The Condor SC Weighted Driver has a built-in shot control system and an extra powerful club head that improves accuracy and increases distance.

CHECK OUT, for details on the Condor SC Weighted Driver from, which is available at an online price that's approximately one-third the price of TaylorMade golf drivers and other premium brands. It's guaranteed to cut strokes from your score or you can return it for a full refund. But don't do that, because it's the ideal club that will help you hit long, accurate drives that set up pars and birdies.

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