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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

For the past few years, square head drivers have been the rage, because the square shape improves the weighting of the club and the moment of inertia, allowing golfers to hit straighter shots with off center swings. To help you select the best square head driver, we've prepared a square head driver review with information on some of the most popular clubs.

Our square head driver review starts with one of the most popular clubs, the Calliway FT-I. It features an oblong, square face with a carbon composite body that is lighter than titanium, with a thick central region for the sweet spot. One golfer said, "I was very surprised at how light it felt in my hands." Another said, "I love it. I hit it high, long enough (250+ yards) and fairly consistently."

Another popular club that makes the square head driver review is the Nike SasQuatch Sumo 2 driver.

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SQ driver

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This is the driver that Tiger Woods and other pros have used. It features a 460cc head with Nike's PowerBow geometry for more distance and forgiveness. It adds weight to the bottom perimeter while moving the center of gravity lower and further back and has a graphite shaft for a lightweight feel. The square head driver review found that one golfer said the club works for Tour players, but "that doesn't mean squat for you and me - except in this case it actually does."

Square head drivers are renowned for their accuracy, but not always their distance, which is why our square head driver review is eager to include the Condor SQ Weighted Driver from This is the 460cc square head driver that's coated with an armor-piercing metal once used by the military that's twice as hard as steel and 70 percent harder than titanium, so it increases distance by five percent over other 460cc square head drivers. Its square head also increases accuracy by 27 percent so it's the driver to get to hit longer, straighter drives.

Our square head driver review also reminds you that when you buy online from NGC Golf you save big, with the Condor SQ Weighted Driver available for a third the price of many premium square head drivers that top $400. The Calliways and Nikes are better known but much more expensive and they don't have the coated head like the Condor for extra distance.

CHECK OUT, for details on the Condor SQ Weighted driver from that is guaranteed to cut strokes from your score or you can return it for a full refund. But don't do that if you want to hit longer straighter drives that will lower your score. That's a tip the square head driver review wants to emphasize.

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