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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

The longest golf drive in golf history was hit by Mike Austin at the National Seniors Open in Las Vegas in 1974. Austin was 64 years old and hit the ball 515 yards. Among PGA pros, Davis Love III's 476 yard shot at the Mercedes Championship in 2004 is the longest golf drive on record.

You'll probably never hit a golf ball 515 or 476 yards, but 300 yard drives are possible with a driver that has been designed with both length and accuracy in mind. It's the Controller 460 cc Driver from NGC Sports ( , a Connecticut company that specializes in technologically advanced golf clubs. The Controller 460 cc Driver achieves maximum distance with an oversized club head that is the largest size allowed by the USGA. And the real secret is the coating that is a metal that was used by the Department of Defense to coat missiles, which is 70 percent harder than titanium.

Combine the oversized head with the harder than titanium coating and you've got a club designed to hit the longest golf drive.

Controller 460cc Driver hits the
longest golf drive
you've ever hit.


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460 driver

Controller 460cc Driver competes and beats the most popular drivers in golf

When the Controller 460cc Driver was tested by average golfers they were amazed. One golfer hit seven out of eight shots 20 yards farther and another hit drives 40 yards farther and said, "I'm not doing anything. It seems to swing itself."

Well, the Controller 460cc Driver seems to swing itself because it combines the powerful club head with a a graphite shaft that makes it lighter. Combine the easy to swing shaft with the powerful head and you get the longest golf drives you've ever hit, which help you reach greens in regulation and possibly even drive short par 4s!

Now here's how the longest golf drives also go straighter: the Controller 460cc Driver features a square head that keeps the club square to the ball at impact. It's less likely to rotate at impact like a traditional oval shaped club head, so you get shots that are straighter -- 27 percent closer to the center line than other drivers, according to tests.

Distance and accuracy are the two things you want most from your drive, and you get them from the Controller 460cc Driver, which produces the longest golf drive that is also the straightest.

Mike Austin and Davis Love III didn't use the Controller 460cc Drive to hit their longest golf drive. But they'd obviously approve of the club and its ability to maximize distance and accuracy.

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