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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

For golf equipment reviews, you can read the standard takes from Golf Digest or visit sites that let avid golfers send in their own golf equipment reviews.

A Golf Digest golf equipment review for the Cobra S9-1 driver said, "The titanium face has a dual-rhombus pattern pressed into the back that's designed to improve ball speed across a wider area of the face." Meanwhile, a blogger's golf equipment review at said the Cobra S9-1 "is longer and keeps ball in fairway.

What more can one want? I make a slight inside out swing and the ball flies off with a slight draw. Great swingweight feel as I can feel the head weight during swing yet not overly heavy to cause loss of swing speed." As you can see, golf equipment reviews from avid golfers are valuable because they allow golfers to converse about their experiences playing the clubs.

Controller 460cc driver is the first club to consider in the golf equipment reviews

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460 driver

Controller 460cc Driver competes and beats the most popular drivers in golf

You can read on the course perspectives of what it's really like to play the club. The golfers are honest, so not all of the reviews are positive. One golfer told that the Ben Hogan Tour Deep ball was "a serious let down. After my first hole where I hit a little punch wedge, the ball had a massive scuff mark. Overall I was very disappointed.", the company that specializes in scientifically designed golf products, has received a number of positive golf equipment reviews. said, "If you are willing to step outside all of the branded clubs with big names, check out They make and market scientific golf gear, like the Controller 460cc driver with a once -secret metal coating that came out of military use that is 70 percent harder than titanium. Or how about the Condor Stand-up Putter? You get a putter that is specially weighted so that it stands on its own when placed in normal putting position - you can then move back and read your putt and adjust the club accordingly so it is lined up perfectly."

Individual golfers have also rated NGC Golf's clubs, including a user of the Controller 460cc driver who said, "I like that the driver is forgiving and it is comfortable in your hands and when you address the ball it is easy to set up. The construction of the club and the quality in terms of playability are good."

CHECK OUT, for details on high quality scientifically designed golf clubs and gear from They're guaranteed to improve your game from tee to green or return them for a full refund. After you buy a great golf product from NGC Golf, feel free to post your own golf equipment review that will help other golfers make a smart purchase.

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