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BEST GOLF EQUIPMENT FROM scientificgolfclubs.COM

By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

For great deals on Golf Equipment, check out, which offers scientifically designed golf clubs, along with golf balls, golf bags, training aids and accessories at low online prices that can't be beat. NGC Golf guarantees its products will improve your game and lower your score, so check out some of the best Golf Equipment available today, including:

* The Controller 460cc driver - this is the driver that commands extra distance thanks to the max size 460cc clubhead that's coated with armor piercing metal once used on military missiles that's twice as hard as steel and 70 percent harder than titanium. Check out the club that adds 20 to 40 yards to your drives and is the most important piece of Golf Equipment you can buy!

* The Condor S ball - the ball that flies too far outhit the Titleist Pro V1 and 15 other top brands by up to 22 yards.

Check out the great Golf Equipment
at NGC Golf, and watch your score drop.

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460 driver

Controller 460cc Driver competes and beats the most popular drivers in golf

This is the ball that's designed with 410 dimples and a slightly smaller size that reduces air drag and causes the ball to gain altitude quickly and soar to the hole.

* The Trav-L-Lite bag - Golf Equipment that's ideal for airline travelers, the Trav-L-Lite bag is the compact bag that carries up to 14 clubs including a 47 1/2 inch driver, weighs only 4.2 pounds with a padded shoulder strap, two large pockets for balls and tees and an airport carrying strap. Take this bag anywhere for round the world golf!

* Condor SC Training Driver - train with a Golf Equipment driver you can actually hit the ball with, featuring extra weight in the head and a 200 gram shaft that strengthens swing muscles. Hit six shots with the Condor SC Training Driver before you tee off and you'll get at least six more yards on your drives.
* GPS Sonocadie - knows every hole on every course you play, so you can determine yardage, plan every shot and keep your score with the built-in digital scorecard. It's very compact Golf Equipment, only 3" by 1.5" so it fits easily in your bag or pocket.

Check out the great Golf Equipment from NGC Sports and watch your score drop. A variety of great clubs and more are available.

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