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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

For an intriguing look at the best golf club product, let's check out the offerings from, the world leader in scientifically designed golf clubs. If you're looking for a golf club product that guarantees distance and accuracy at a fraction of the price of premium brands, NGC Golf has just what you're looking for.

Let's start with a golf club product you'll use on the tee. NGC Golf's most formidable driver is the Controller 460cc Driver that maximizes distance with a 460cc clubhead that is coated with a M70 metal once used on military missiles that is twice as hard as steel and 70 percent harder than titanium. It hits longer drives than other 460cc drivers and is the driver a long ball champ claims is the best he's used in more than 20 years of whacking drives.

If you're into hybrids, the golf club product you should know about is NGC Golf's Controller Elite Hybrids that are made from super tensile steel

Once you're on the green you need a golf club product that will help you sink long putts and never miss the short ones.


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460 driver

Controller 460cc Driver competes and beats the most popular drivers in golf

They hit the ball farther with a roll and budge face that corrects hooks and slices with a back-weighted center of gravity that lofts the ball higher. You can choose from five lofts that cover all kinds of shots, with turbo tip graphite shafts available.

If you're looking for a golf club product for use around the green, NGC Golf has an all purpose wedge that is highly acclaimed. The Condor All Purpose Wedge eliminates your need for separate sand, pitching and lob wedges. You can hit all kinds of short distance shots with this all purpose wedge with a rounded design to scoop the ball from bunkers and rough with a sharp leading edge that cuts through tough grass and sand. There's 10 extra grams of weight in the back to get under the ball and impart extra backspin.

Once you're on the green you need a golf club product that will help you sink long putts and never miss the short ones. NGC Golf offers the Condor Stand Up putter that is scientifically weighted to stand on its own so you can step behind it to line up your putt. You're playing partners will be flabbergasted when they see your putter standing on its own and they'll be even more flabbergasted when they see you sink long putts like you've never done before.

These are some examples of golf club product available from NGC Golf. They're guaranteed to cut strokes from your score, so try them out without hesitation.

CHECK OUT, for details on the great golf club product from at low online prices that can't be beat. NGC Golf has got you covered from tee to green with scientifically designed golf clubs that boost distance and accuracy. They'll help you set your personal scoring record.

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