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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

When it comes to discount golf clubs, you don't have to go far to find them. Sit at your desk, turn on your computer and you'll be inundated by sites that offer a wide variety of discount golf clubs. offers Nike Slingshot hybrid irons, the Hippo Hex 2 driver and the Odyssey White Steel 2-ball putter at substantial discounts. offers discounts on Ping and TaylorMade Burner drivers and Callaway and Nike Sumo irons. You can get the Callaway Big Bertha driver for less than $200 at and a complete set of Big Bertha Diablos for less than $1000.

As you can see, there are plenty of sites that offer major brand discount golf clubs. There's also a site that offers discount prices on specialized scientifically designed clubs that compete and often beat, the best known brands.

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460 driver

Controller 460cc Driver competes and beats the most popular drivers in golf

The Controller 460cc driver from, the site that specializes in scientifically designed golf clubs, beat a number of popular 460cc drivers for distance and a long ball champ said it was better than 500 other drivers he'd used over the past 20 years. What's the Controller 460cc driver's secret for longer distance? Its maximum size club head is coated with an armor-piercing metal once used for missiles that accelerates the distance of a typical 460cc driver by at least five percent. The long drives you hit with other 460cc drivers will be even longer with the Controller 460cc driver and guess what, they're also more accurate. That's because the Controller 460cc driver has a square head which hits the ball square to the target, avoiding hooks and slices frequently caused by traditional oval shaped clubs. doesn't just make great golf clubs, it sells them for prices that make the average golfer flip. You'll pay far less than you would for top brand name clubs because the company doesn't pay millions to market its clubs. It relies on word of mouth from successful golfers, like the one who was so surprised at the ease of hitting long drives with the Controller 460cc he said, "I'm not doing anything. It seems to swing itself."

If you order the Controller 460cc driver, you'll have to swing it, but we bet you'll get similar results. Longer drives with little effort at a price even lower than the discount golf clubs you get at the sites mentioned above.

CHECK OUT, for details on the Controller 460cc and other innovative clubs and other golf equipment from, the site that guarantees its clubs will lower your score and offers them at low online prices that beat the discounts you can get on the top name brands. Here's to your lower score with the best discount golf clubs you can find online.

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