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By Ken Liebeskind
Yalesville, Connecticut

With the holiday season approaching, we're eager to tell you about the best Christmas golfers gifts you can give. At you can find a wide range of Christmas golfers gifts, from complete sets of top rated clubs to handy accessories like the Sonocaddie. Select from a wide range of Christmas golfers gifts at the top golf site, with everything available at low web only prices that provide exceptional savings over retail stores.

If your favorite golfer is short off the tee, the Controller 460cc SQ Weighteddriver is the perfect Christmas golfers gift. This is the driver with the max size club head that's coated with an armor-piercing metal that's twice as hard as steel and 70 percent harder than titanium. Golfers get maximum distance off the tee and hit them straighter, too, because the square headed driver flies the ball straight down the fairway. If your favorite golfer wants hybrid irons, the ideal Christmas golfers gift is the Controller Elite Hybrids, made of Super Tensile Steel, which is harder than stainless steel, with a roll and budge face that reduces hooks and slices.

An exceptional Christmas golfers gift is the ball that files too far, the Condor S ball

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Condor golf ball

Condor golf balls outperform the most
popular long ball used by touring pros

These are the most advanced hybrid clubs that produce distance and accuracy and are ideal for shots around the course, from the fairway to the high rough.

If your favorite golfer wants to sink more birdie putts, a great Christmas golfers gift is the Red/Hot Putter, with a red whirl design on its face and an ingenious sighting device for lining up putts and keeping the putter square to the ground. This is the putter that eliminates pushes, pulls, scoops and chops and keep those putts ringing true to the hole.

If your golfer wants a long distance golf ball, an exceptional Christmas golfers gift is the ball that files too far, the Condor S ball, with an aerodynamic dimple design that keeps the ball aloft farther. This is the ball that outhit the top distance balls by up to 22 yards. Using this ball, it's possible to drive par 4s in one and putt for eagle.

If your favorite golfer has the clubs and balls he needs, why not get him a great golf accessory. A superlative Christmas golfers gift is the Sonocaddie which contains distance info on thousands of courses across the countries so golfers can use it to chart every shot from tee to green. Have you picked out your favorite Christmas golfers gift yet?

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