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Selection of ILLEGAL Golf Gear!
  Your golfing gear SHOULD be AN
ARSENAL – NOT a mix of regular, boring clubs and balls that give you
MEDIOCRE performance!

Below is a specially-selected assortment of ILLEGAL Golf Gear – guaranteed to CUT STROKES through INCREASED DISTANCE and RIFLE-LIKE ACCURACY!  NGC uses science to find design-flaws and transfer-of-power inefficiencies in conventional golf clubs, of all kinds – as well as golf balls.

The result is a huge offering of patented clubs and balls, which all deliver SUPERIOR performance in both DISTANCE and ACCURACY.  Make note - this superiority is NOT based on loose claims!... each extra yard of distance and every single  degree of improved accuracy is based on the results from hundreds of independent lab tests, all of which are legally recorded.

The ONLY aspect of NGC that could be considered ‘illegal’ would be various designs that we have (or design components) – illegal at least from the perspective of the U.S.G.A!  However, who is the U.S.G.A. to tell your or I (the average golfer) EXACTLY WHICH designs should be “ALLOWED” on the course!  For those of us who actually prefer to WIN – rather than lose – we will use the equipment that works THE BEST.  Unless you’re playing in a highly supervised, million-dollar tournament… you owe to yourself to play with the TRULY best gear.  Below is a selection of gear that truly IS superior, and also happens to be (technically) illegal – in the eyes of the U.S.G.A.   Keep the secret to yourself (or instruct whomever you’re giving the gear to, to do so) – and enjoy playing with gear that gives you a W INNING edge!


1). The Condor® SC Driver

This driver feCondor SC Driveratures movable weights.  You can customize your club, so you hit STRAIGHT – rather than HOOKING or SLICING.  Varying tendencies in a person’s swing (or natural variables like windpattern) can increase the probability of hooking or slicing on a given hole – or on a given day. That WAS the case, at least! This driver makes hooking and slicing a problem of the past.  (However, the U.S.G.A. explicitly prohibits the adjusting of any weight-features during a golf gameOH WELL!).  You can even adjust the weights to INTENTIONALLY hook or slice (if the green happens NOT to be a ‘straight shot’ from the tee).  Additionally, this club features a SECRET COATING on its head, which is 70% HARDER than TITANIUM – so you ALSO get a significant boost in distance, in addition to the obvious boost in ACCURACY! 

2). The ‘A’ Ball®

This golf baThe A Ballll is called the “A” Ball for a reason!  Its name is a SECRET!  The name is intentionally obscure and generic, so your golfing buddies WON’T be able to ‘reverse-engineer’ the inexplicable, MASSIVE advantage that you seem to have - in the DISTANCE DEPARTMENT.   Being (just SLIGHTLY) smaller than regulation size, the A-Ball is relatively denser (and has less air drag), when compared to conventional balls.  It also has special aerodynamic dimples – to even FURTHER cut air drag.  The net result is a ball that flies MANY YARDS further on the average shot – inevitably cutting MULTIPLE STROKES off a given golf game – however, ONLY to the golfer smart enough to use the ‘A Ball’ in the first place!

3). The ‘CLOSER®’ Putter

It’s called The Closer Putterthe ‘Closer®’ because if you’re using it, YOU will be CLOSING each holewell before your counterparts.  Again, the advantage of movable weights is what makes this putter a real winner.   While it may not be all that “legal” to move weights on your putter, while you’re golfing, it IS very EFFECTIVE in cutting strokes.  Most greens have a slight surface tilt to them.  It’s almost impossible to compensate (in terms of your grip) for a less-than-flat green.  Most golfers are all-too-familiar with the fact that greens that are NOT flat always end up STEALING strokes from them.  Now, there is FINALLY a SOLUTION!  By adjusting the weights on The CLOSER® accordingly, you can AUTOMATICALLY compensate for every imaginable green.  You can also automatically adjust for any (personal) inexplicable tendencies to putt one direction or another (instead of straight!). 

Improving your putt is accepted as one of the EASIEST ways to cut strokes from your game – so having the Closer® is a NO-BRAINER for EVERY golfer…because NOT EVEN Tiger Woods putts perfectly!


For a very limited time, the ‘ULTIMATE EDGE’ Christmas Gift Package is available at its price of $100.00 LESS THAN ITS RETAIL VALUE.   That’s huge!  It makes a perfect gift to any golfer you know… and makes an EVEN BETTER gift to YOURSELF (if you’re a golfer who likes to WIN!).  There is only a certain number of these units that has been allotted to this holiday package (at the reduced pricing), so don’t hesitate to order, if you’re interested.  When we run out of inventory, the order functioning will be disabled.


A SAVINGS OF $100.00!

Regular retail price….
-Condor SC Driver….$129.00
-2 Dozen ‘A Balls’….....$44.00
-The Closer Putter…....$99.00
                    TOTAL = $272.00  


SAVINGS = $100.00!!


(Please note: the above product is available in right hand or left hand.
The default shaft for both clubs is graphite, regular flex).

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